Is iPhone 6’s Buddy Going To Be The ‘iPhone Air’?

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Is iPhone 6’s Buddy Going To Be The ‘iPhone Air’?

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Less than an year ago, we were introduced to iPhone 5s and now rumors are gathering about its replacement, which should, if previous versions are taken in consideration, be called the iPhone 6.

Will it be bigger, or stay the same size? Will it have standout features? Will it be joined by an iPhone 6C, or the iWatch? Everyone is anxious to know what Apple is planning to do with the new Flagship phone. Sadly we need to wait till September for an official word.


A new report from China details an astonishing new launch date for another iPhone variant from Apple. The report is accompanied with alleged pricing details, as well as the name of the anticipated larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant: The iPhone Air. The company first used the “Air” appellation to tag its smaller MacBook model, and has later used it for the full-size iPad’s. Both times the end result was a sleek and sexy looker with good performance.

When the next-gen iPhone lineup does launch sometime this fall, many expect the handset to feature a complete redesign with a relocated sleep/wake button, slimmed-down profile and advanced innards like an “A8” processor. It is also believed that Apple plans to differentiate the denoted 5.5-inch version from its smaller variant by adding on features like optical image stabilization and higher storage capacities.

The report are pointing out to a September 25th release of the new iPhones. However, it is unlikely if the Apple’s history of Friday releases of previous iPhones are taken into consideration.

Apple has ‘Air’ variants for its Mac as well as iPad’s. Only the iPhones weren’t touched by Apple’s “Air”. This would be a momentous year if they do decide to launch an ‘iPhone Air’. It will be great to see Apple bring its slim on as its the pioneer of slim technology. We have already heard the rumour that Apple is planning to go for flatter headphones jack with the lightening port. Apple has no problems throwing out technology that they find redundant and soon the world follows. So it would be fun to see how the next avatar of this legendary device turns out in reality.

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