#LetsTalkShop : Asim Warsi Talks Samsung Mobile India

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#LetsTalkShop : Asim Warsi Talks Samsung Mobile India

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Samsung has been leading the smartphone and tablet race for the past couple of years and this year they don’t want to be left behind. However, the company has been dealing with a lot of flack in India pertaining to the fact that they continue to make devices that are made entirely of Plastic or the fact that India does not see Snapdragon chipsets or LTE enabled devices.

As Vice President, Mobile & IT of Samsung India, Asim Warsi also heads the Korean company’s mobility division.

A difficult man to get hold of, Asim was kind and candid enough to meet us and answer some of our questions for everyone who has been asking them.

“The company is excited about the new Tab S devices because, it is a refinement of Samsung’s tablet series” – he said. Bringing attention, to the high resolution Super Amoled display, the company has managed to make for these devices.

Asim Warsi is very confident about the fact that going forward the company will have 4G devices, and introduced the Tab S series as their first LTE enabled tablets. He was eager to tell us that Samsung is working on a whole slew of 4G enabled devices, and we will see them soon enough.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Asim Warsi” author_title=”Vice President, Mobile & IT, Samsung India“]

We are working on a whole lineup of LTE devices in the coming months


Samsung may work out an arrangement in the near future to maybe offer options between 3G and 4G devices enabling the customer to make his own decisions at the time of purchase.

Asim Warsi says working at Samsung is not scary or daunting, especially not the way I (Bharat Nagpal) would describe it, he says that its a work ethic environment and driven company and hence they have reached where they have in such a short period. He says it’s not about Military Precision its about “Nuclear Precision”.

Watch the full video below for the juiciest bits.

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galaxy ace and core2 devices released by samsung ..both are outdated … this guy is not paying attention about the share samsung is going to lose in next 6months


This guy is just an automaton..and if he is allowing Phones like Samsung Galaxy Ace NXT to be brought into market..he sure is sleeping with his eyes open. Samsung seems to be going the way of Nokia, burdened by its tendency to introduce one good fone like s5 & all other junk to fool Indians.


mr. bharath plz dont waste your precious time for such big shots who cant talk freely and give an exclusive news to you. if you can kindly talk with the indian companies like xolo karbonn and there future phones that may be interesting to the middle class segment in india not the ones who just simply say watch the space watch the space samsung will clearly understand that statement after 2015 when xolo and micromax becomes worlds top 2 and three

Rohit Kukreja

Sir, before ‘lets talk shop’ is actually taken place some days before u should announce that the episode is going to be taken place so that we can give u some questions that if u think are suitable u should ask them


we want snapdragon processors and tochwiz takes a big chunk of the ram