5 Things You Should But Don’t Know About Xiaomi Smartphones

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5 Things You Should But Don’t Know About Xiaomi Smartphones

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The entry of Xiaomi in the Indian market has already created a stir amongst the domestic smartphone players. It may be difficult to imagine that any smartphone firm other than Apple and Samsung can cause such a commotion, let alone a Chinese one. But what is Xiaomi? At first, we couldn’t even pronounce its name properly (it’s Shiao-Me). Well tell you what, we give you 5 reasons to consider Xiaomi as a  strong contender in Smartphone market.

1. Lockscreen

The MiUi (Xiaomi operating system) lockscreen has multiple functions. To lock the screen, press the home button till you see a LED light being activated. Double tap the lock screen to control the music menu. Got an unread SMS? Just tap the center of the screen to directly answer the text.


2. Interface

All apps in MiUi are gathered at the main interface along with the widgets as MiUi does not have an app drawer. While Android can quit all applications that run in the background with a long press on the menu button, MiUi users can choose the applications they want in the background, while exiting the rest of them. Also, MiUi’s call interface looks similar to that of Android but it offers additional functions. When making a call, users can opt to write a note and record the conversation in an MP3 format.


3. Messaging

MiUi’s messaging application seems normal but it has an ability to ensure important messages are always on the top by using the pin. Most importantly, MiUi has a Private Messaging function, which allows users to hide sensitive messages with the use of password. You can even select your private messaging contacts and save them in a password protected format. The function can be accessed by dragging down the Messaging interface several times.

4. Intelligent Front Camera

The front camera of Mi 3 has special functions. It comes with an ability to detect gender and age, and subsequently chooses the right filter to enhance pictures. Good news for selfie lovers as no editing is needed before posting pictures in social network. The Mi3 which is going to enter Indian market soon, flaunts a 13 MP  rear and 2 MP front camera.


5. Backup

MiUi has its own Backup application. Users can create a backup and save it somewhere else, such as a laptop. This backup can be used if the gadget faces problems in the future. Each function can be reinstalled with Backup. It comes with it’s own local backup system, inclusive of 3rd party applications and data. You can also activate automatic backup timing, which will execute data backup at your specific intervals.


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Everything about this phone sounds good. I would have liked an expandable memory slot. But I guess that’s a small compromise at the price of this phone and the features it offers.

Mridul Khurana

Karan H Thakkar

HiMa Ali

Eh Da Ya Muhannad Muhammad


i had recently used the rom on other phones and it is smooth and has got a different experience than  any other phones in India

Pravin Kumar

I used miui so….natutally miui users know something about xioumi…

Rk Rax

Does MiUi custom roms have the same features???


I am not sure of what sort of software Mi3 will come along, but MIUI that I keep getting my hands dirty on, has inherent problem of many pages/interface dialogues in Mandarin.  I also find MiUI a little bloated with extensive security, banking, etc. apps just sitting there.  Xiaomi makes a lot of money by selling apps through its own store, I don’t know what their strategy would be here.

Ashwin Jain


Gautam Méngi

Ashwin Jain


every cell phones imported in india is made by Chinese engineers. #Fact


that price make it awesome
Only minus is the storage
i wish the 64GB version was available outside china


The front cam is 2MP not 5. get your facts right.


typo in point 4 – should be ‘Selfie’


Sulfide lovers, lol :D


every phone is made in china. even iphone :P