Facebook Mentions: An Exclusive App for Celebrities

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Facebook Mentions: An Exclusive App for Celebrities

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Celebrities get to live a good life. Once in public view, they get loads of cool stuff or in words of Ricky Gervais, “Once you get rich, people start giving you stuff for free.” Now Facebook is coming out with an exclusive app called “Facebook Mentions” that is accessible only to public figures.

Users can follow others and keep a track of trending topics easily

Users can follow others and keep a track of trending topics easily

Twitter has become a medium for prominent personalities to connect with their admirers. From Movie Stars, Musicians, Politicians to even Scientists and Astronauts have used the website to connect to their followers. With this exclusive app, Facebook will try to make itself more attractive to the celebrity clientele.

To get access to this app one needs to have a verified page on Facebook. Currently, the app runs only on iOS 7 or higher versions (well that’s going a bit too exclusive.) The app lets users host Q&A with their followers, discover and join conversations relating to them. It also makes the users follow others and shows them what is trending on Facebook so they can share their thoughts on the matter.

Facebook Mentions makes it easier for these personalities to share multimedia content with their followers. It is speculated that the Beats-Apple deal celebration video will be posted through this application.

This app makes life a lot easier for social media managers of celebrities to keep in touch with the perception of their bosses in the public. Ever since social media came into existence, celebrities have had a direct communication channels with their fans and followers. Facebook Mentions hopes to be the exclusive medium for this interaction.

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