Xiaomi Mi3 Sold Out Within Seconds; Flipkart Crashes

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Xiaomi Mi3 Sold Out Within Seconds; Flipkart Crashes

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Chinese handset maker Xiaomi sold all its 15,000 Mi3 devices in its third flash sale online within a matter of seconds. The company made available 15,000 units of the Mi3 smartphone today, as against 1,50,000 registrations for the device. With these units, Xiaomi through Flipkart has sold 35,000 Mi3 smartphones till date in the country.

Xiaomi Mi3 India1

The Flipkart website crashed seconds after Xiaomi’s Mi3 went on sale today. At 2 pm, when sales began, the site showed a server related 502 error. A few minutes later it showed an out-of-stock message on the page promoting the device. The website had also crashed temporarily on July 22, minutes after the Mi3 first went on sale on Flipkart. In the second flash sale, on July 29 the Xiaomi sold out the entire stock in five seconds.

Today, it has been four hours and Flipkart is still dead..
Now, the Flipkart site says that registrations for the phone will restart at 6pm today with the next sale on August 12.

The price of Rs 13,999 pits Mi 3 against mid-segment devices such as the Moto G and BlackBerry’s new Z3 device. With the latest software and immaculate specifications at its price it will be interesting to observe whether Xiaomi can match the hype with a robust supply chain and service network.

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  • Sohail Sam


  • Niranjan Matam

    Hi Guys..! Just Saw Your Review Of Xiaomi Mi3 . It Is A Impressive Device..:D As You Have Mentioned It In The Review That It Can Be Flashed With CyanogenMod . Can You Help Me Out With That ..! Like Where You Can Find The ROM And How You Can Flash It . Please As I Am A Huge Fan Of Vanilla Android..:) Regards Niranjan.M

  • Naresh Chahal

    this is good phone

  • Anindya Mahajan

    2 seconds is the time in which all the 15000 phones were added to the cart and not actually paid for! before you start with your useless blabbering, just try to know what actually is happening! -_-

  • Shekhar Varshney

    Meanwhile I got this B|

  • Rajen Menon

    in marketing we call it creating artificial demand

  • Aniruddha Pirates Sikdar

    dont buy chinese dont trust chinese

  • Abhishek Sawant

    Adhiraj Palav Ajinkya Desai

  • Abhishek Sawant

    Chandan Gupta

  • Srijit Sen

    same thing happened with PS4. chill. eventually all the madness will end and you will be able to buy the Xiaomi Mi3 easily. i would advice you to wait until proper xiaomi branded accessories show up. as far as i saw, they were still marked coming soon.

  • Vamsi Krishna

    they are cheating .. there is no such a sale…..

  • Mrinal Mani

    Dude as soon u add product in cart it is treated as sold however final processing of place order takes time… Xiaomi is best dont whine pls

  • Vicky Bala

    Aadharsh Anand

  • Rohit Tumram

    Sanjay Udaya you just need to click at “Buy Now” option which appears after the count down stops! If you are lucky one then it will show you a message it has been added to your cart and you can proceed with payment at later!

  • TusharDShinde
  • Mayank Choudhary

    Cheap publicity I agree

  • Prangan Banerjee

    1,50,000 are clicking at the same time…few will get, most wont…..does not means its a hoax..

  • Vípül Shârmã


  • Chandan Kumar Mahato

    The numbers are fake. Both flipkart and xiaomi are fooling people.

  • AdityaChoudhary1

    yeah i was just waiting for countdown to stop to hit the buy button
    and it stopped with message all sale for today is over :-/

  • Utkarsh Tripathi

    booked today… :D

  • Anbe Sivam

    I hate this type of cheap publicity

  • Kabir Saini

    yes u are right

  • Bibhu Kumar

    Flipkart z best n testy

  • Anuraj J Pillai

    Flipkart should step out and give it to amazon

  • Siva K Kumar

    Flipkart created a lot of hype abt this but actually behind the truth is , for publicity stunt they do whatever they want ,, i will never believe that 15000pieces sold in seconds..Xiaomi mi3 is a piece of crap …F******

  • AbhiGhosh

    it has become a joke !!!

  • Arvind Puthige

    Akshansh Gupta

  • Supreeth GangaTkar

    Hehehhe flippant is giving hype to mi3

  • Siva K Kumar

    hey how can it is possible sold in seconds (comedy) , in seconds how can they purchase ???

  • Abhijit Sharma

    India me jo internet speed aati hai usme ek page to sahi se load nahi hota aur ye flipkart wale bolte hai ki ek second me sold out ho gaya

  • Abhishek Parija

    Chill out guys… Once you add to the cart, thn u cn pay off… Hence it was sold out cause adding 15k phone to a kart in a country is not a big deal… @Flipkart is doing it’s best.

  • Faheem Jaan Faheem

    Price in India 18000 and in pakistan?

  • VikrAm BharAdwaj

    n00b phone :3

  • Maannik Singh

    So aweosme :O

  • Neel K. Gangrade

    i pressed buy now button in a mili second -_- the moment timer changed to buy now tab …anyway mi4 could be my choice.

  • Chandrashekar Charlie

    LOL. The phone will be added to your cart. That’s it. You can make payment after half n hour also. Because you have added one into your cart. So from their inventory one unit will be deducted.

  • Angel Sivan

    Anish Vyavahare :/

  • Manas Goswami

    #Flipkart Trolling Indians since launch of xiaomi mi3

  • Anil Bhar

    Fake publicity was showing out of stock since 2pm not even a second more just making fool of its customers shame on you flipkart and xiaomi

  • Rohit Tumram

    It adds up to your cart.. the payment method is done later!

  • Priya Dsouza

    Praise God Christopher Paul Dsouza Nokia is good for now :p

  • Dhruv Deshpande

    Chaitanya Date

  • Dhruv Deshpande

    Nikita Pamnani

  • Suhail Sullad

    I guess flipkart testing their sites stability with these kind of stunts…

  • Atul Sharma

    change background or color text on mobile version .. it isn’t readable

  • Kr Vikash


  • Abdul Kareem

    Making fool Flipkart always do like this out of stock not fair

  • Amardeep Singh Chadha

    i curse flipkart..

  • Satish Panda

    Already releasd in theatr..wait for mi5

  • Akash Deep

    ur welcome Vaibhav Mittal

  • Mandar Palshikar

    Am one of the lucky ones

  • Prateek Khandelwal

    They are cracking jokes, they send penny amount of handsets and take unlimited registration and then website crashes

  • Aditya Soni

    Amit Agarwal

  • Piyush Chitkara

    Its name is disguisting!! -_-
    A freaking toung twister!!

  • AnkitKapoor1

    This data is absolutely wrong, sorry to say but it seems Xiaomi (and Flipkart) is just mis leading it’s customers by providing such facts. 
    Today, I was logged in to since 12pm and was waiting to purchase it. As soon as the timer went to 0 seconds I refreshed the page and the next thing that I saw was out of stock. The time duration for the webpage to get refreshed was not even 1 second (I kept refreshing the page for another 15 mins but the mobile set was not available). How is it possible that 15000 mobile sets were sold less that one second. And if it is so, then they should highlight that all sets were sold withing 1 second. They are just creating buzz in the market by making such cheap tactics. Disappointed to know that is involved in such a gimmick.

  • ???? ?????

    It’s a marketing strategy by Flipkart to fool Indians

  • Hareesh Thiyagarajah

    Flipkart earned 30000000 In few seconds

  • Sayantan Mitra

    what is purpose of selling mi3 if it is become sold out in 2 sec then how all the people who are admiring will buy their dream??????????you should increase the stock. Mi India

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    It probably will not hit any e commerce sites
    You can buy it by invite only ….. even when it comes to India

  • Tarun Varma

    well it was said in the site that for redmi 1s xiaomi cloud application starts itself even when we switch it off and also after rooting the phone which means it is sending something

  • Sarthak Biswas

    I want one plus one to hit the
    e commerce sites of india !!

  • Kranti Saini

    no its not true

  • Kr Vikash

    whn MI4 coming to market…??

  • Tarun Varma

    well i heard xiaomi secretly uploads our data to chinese servers.what about it??
    How true is it???

  • Kr Vikash

    CRASH omfg

  • Saif Maknojia

    ya between july -sept

  • Christopher Paul Dsouza

    Priya this was the phone I was talking about…all sold out in minutes :)

  • Rajat Goyal

    this is a gimmick. limited inventory is offered, sold out in seconds, to create the myth of the product.
    bharat n co., u all shud have called them on this..
    unless u r in on it that is..

  • YaDu NaIr

    I heard that Mi4 will hit market soon….is it true…?

  • YaDu NaIr

    Aashish Sutar
    Tujhe mila kya tera Mi3