Collapsible and Wearable Smartphone Kyocera Proteus Sets a Benchmark

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Collapsible and Wearable Smartphone Kyocera Proteus Sets a Benchmark

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No smartphone calls for as many speculative rumors as much as the iPhone. Before every iPhone release, there is one render that keeps making a comeback. It shows a flexible device that can collapse and become a wearable. Well, Apple won’t be making any such device anytime soon, but a Japanese company Kyocera has beaten the brand name to bring such a device for the world to drool over.

Meet the Kyocera Proteus, a device with unmatched innovation. It can transform from a flat, bar-shaped phone into a bracelet and can be draped or wrapped around a thin rail, like a cycle handlebar. This device when mass-produced can make all of the present mobile technologies obsolete.

The Proteus concept was presented at CEATEC, which is Japan’s largest consumer electronics show. The concept is ultrathin, almost see-through, and superlight.

When folded from the bar mode to a wearable mode, the phone turns on its sensors and you can start your health tracking on the device. When riding a bike, the device can become your GPS guide. The possibilities of this device are endless.

The Proteus is expected to have AMOLED display. The concept looks great in its initial stages, and it’s a great one-device solution that everyone was looking for. The company is currently in the process of figuring out the battery technology to be utilized to make the device fully functional. There are multiple suggestions being given. According to a source, one of the most innovative suggestion is the inclusion of piezoelectric generators that will convert kinetic energy into electric charge. Hence, the battery can be completely avoided and the device can be charged even on the move.

Kyocera deserves credit for bringing the fantastic product to reality. We just hope they get rid of all the glitches and take us into the future as soon as possible. Now who is working on those damn jetpacks?

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