Samsung Counter-Sues NVIDIA Over Patent Infringement

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Samsung Counter-Sues NVIDIA Over Patent Infringement

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After being accused by NVIDIA of patent infringement, it’s Samsung now who has accused NVIDIA of infringing several of its semiconductor-related patents, counter-suing after the later one filed a lawsuit against the Korean manufacturer in September.

Samsung filed the lawsuit on Monday and is now seeking penalty for the infringement of his several technical patents. The Korean giant has also accused NVIDIA of misleading advertising when it says ‘Shield’ tablet sports the world’s fastest mobile processor, the Tegra. This was in response to NVIDIA’s accusation against Samsung and rival Qualcomm for infringing patents on its graphics-processing unit (GPU).

“We’ll review and respond to these new claims against us, and look forward to presenting our case on how NVIDIA GPU patents are being used without a license,” said NVIDIA in a statement. The company also cited a benchmarking study that supports its claim of Tegra being the fastest mobile processor in the market.

Earlier last year, Samsung was accused by Apple over infringement of several patented technologies, and now the Korean manufacturer is in a tiff with NVIDIA. This makes one wonder – ‘Why always Samsung’.

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