Google Now, the service which focuses on bringing real-time information to your mobile device including traffic updates, scores, stock changes, travel times, your flight status, got a notable update today.

The new update brings the information from over 40 Android applications, in order to show things like last-minute hotel deals to home-buying tip. The update integrates popular apps like Trip Advisor, Book My Show, CricInfo, Lyft, Ford, Runtastic and many more.

google nowThe integration is optional, too, and you’ll be able to disable it from Google Now’s settings once the update is available on your device. Earlier, Google Now could pull lots of data from other apps through the email notifications they send you, but this direct app integration is new.

The new card-based feature only comes with a third-party app download, of course. You wouldn’t see a Lyft  notification without the Lyft app installed. If you’re curious what you might end up seeing, Google has a full list of the new cards which is linked in teh source below.

The update makes Google Now very powerful. Google’s idea behind all of this is that you should get the information you need when you need it, without even having to ask for it. Obviously, there are some privacy concerns related to this update, but Google assured that no private information will  be shared with third-party applications.