Pebble Time is the First Coloured e-Paper Smartwatch with 7-Day Battery Support

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Pebble Time is the First Coloured e-Paper Smartwatch with 7-Day Battery Support

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Smartwatches are the current hottest trend everyone wants to cash in on. The biggest problem with certain wearables is that they are only compatible with particular handsets. Meet the new smartwatch by Pebble Technologies that is smart in a real sense and can adjust with any smartphone, whether iOS or Android.

With Pebble Time, users don’t have compromise, and the watch itself adjusts meeting the needs of the user. The screen of Pebble Time is an e-paper display, just like new YotaPhone 2 and Kindle – a first for any smartwatch. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass, and the coloured display enhances the overall appeal of the smartwatch. Pebble claims that the battery of the smartwatch can last up to 7 days. However, there’s a catch, and that is that the Pebble timepiece is not touchscreen.

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So how do you operate the device? There is a microphone onboard making it convenient to have a phone-like conversation. Users can reply to the messages by pushing  keys, and there’s also a gyroscope for motion sensing. The new user interface (UI) is focused on a timeline that highlights what’s important over the course of the day. There’s a new app menu, which loads and cache apps as required. You can connect these apps to the timeline, organising all relevant information.


There are three buttons on the right-hand side of the screen and one on the left. The buttons have been adjusted to easy grip, and one can push each of them effortlessly without any unintentional pressing of the other ones. The top button is for check past events, the middle for present and the third one refers to the future. The smartwatch offers hassle-free customization options, and one can affix any band to the core machinery having 22mm pin.

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Pebble Time is a $179 smartwatch that is on Kickstarter as of now. It is the fastest project to raise $1 million on Kickstarter in approximately 30 minutes.

There are many good smartwatches out there, but the Time stands apart. It’s affordable, and the USP is its cross-platform functionality that would have attracted the numerous backers. Early investors can get the Time for $159, but the concession is for supporters only. The watch will retail at a price of $199 once the campaign completes.

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