To Strengthen Connectivity Everywhere, Qualcomm To Set Up LTE-U Devices

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To Strengthen Connectivity Everywhere, Qualcomm To Set Up LTE-U Devices

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Qualcomm, the American chip maker, has expressed the desire of setting up new technology that would offer mobile phone users better connectivity in places like subways and shopping malls. The company said on Thursday that it will soon start to sell components which will feature LTE technology which can be adapted for a smaller scale.

LTE, short for Long-Term Evolution and commonly marketed as 4G LTE, is a  wireless communication standard for high speed data for mobile phones or other wireless devices. The newer LTE Unlicensed, which will be introduced at the MWC 2015, adapts the technology to be used over short distances by sharing radio spectrum, like WiFi.

Qualcomm said that adopting the LTE-U will provide much faster performance for phone users and save money that the operators would have had to pay on setting up cell phone towers. Thousands of LTE-U connectivity devices could be set up in different locations like building or places which has poor network connectivity.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Matt Grob” author_title=”Qualcomm Chief Technology Officer “]

The performance is better. It’s not a large cost adder and it also provides a lot of advantages flexibility to the operators


Qualcomm claims that the problem of LTE-U signals disrupting WiFi signals has been overcome, which had drawn criticism of this technology in the past. This technology will be one of the first steps towards a departure from cell tower based connectivity. With the demand for all round access to internet increasing with each passing day, new innovations need to be brought into let people stay connected 24/7.

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