New Wearable ‘Wankband’ Uses Rapid Hand Motion to Charge Your Gadgets

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New Wearable ‘Wankband’ Uses Rapid Hand Motion to Charge Your Gadgets

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The internet can be a place full of filth if you know how to find the content you are looking for. But what if all the “dirty” content can actually come in handy (pun intended) to charge up your devices. Pornhub, which is one of the biggest storehouse of adult friendly content has come up with a new wearable that can charge any device after generating energy from the user’s rapid hand motion.

Meet Wankband, this wearable has weight inside a small band that generates electricity when a user jerks his/her hands rapidly. The unisex band can then charge other devices through a USB port.

The Wankband is on developmental stages at the moment and users can sign up to become Beta tester for the project. This, of course, is a gimmicky device and wouldn’t actually be capable of generating enough energy to power up any of your devices completely. It still is a great device to generate some power out of efforts that usually get wasted.

Feel free to check out the video before, it’s definitely safe for work:

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