The Galaxy S6 Comes in Three Weeks; Here’s What You Can Do While You Wait

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The Galaxy S6 Comes in Three Weeks; Here’s What You Can Do While You Wait

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Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S6 has seen the light of the day. The unique design of the Galaxy S6 Edge has already received favorable responses from critics as well as from the market. In fact, Samsung received record number of pre-orders for its latest flagship. About 20 Million potential customers have registered for the top tier Galaxy device. So if you are one of them, you know your dream device is coming in just three weeks from now on 10th of April. To create hype, Samsung may launch the device in India on the 23rd, but you’ll have to wait till the 10th of April to get your hands on it.

If you are wondering how to pass the seemingly unbearable amount of time, we have compiled a list just for you.

Watch a 100 of our YouTube videos back-to-back

iGyaan has a huge selection of videos on smartphones and other smart devices. Over the four and half years of our existence, we have covered most prominent devices. Watching iGyaan videos back to back will be a sort of a recent history lesson where you will get to see how the smartphone and other electronics have evolved over the years. So go ahead and keep the iGyaan playlist running, it has three weeks worth of excellent content (if we may say so ourselves).

Watch all of Game of Thrones Seasons, Before the New Season Begins


The ultimate television fantasy adventure will be returning on HBO and BitTorrent websites on April 12th. Now as GOT is one of the most complicated storylines, it’s always good to be revised and refreshed for a fresh new season. The multitudes of characters and immensely complex back stories and plot lines require a revisit before gathering on a whole new season filled with blood and gore and of course some pleasant nudity.

Go for a three-week mobile repair course

smartphone repair

Smartphones are a complicated piece of engineering. While the Galaxy S6 comes in which toughened exteriors and safety features like Corning Gorilla Glass and the metal body, it can succumb to some issues. It’s always good to have the knowledge of reparing your own hardware. Learning a mobile repair course wouldn’t just give you the knowledge of how to make your device run at optimum potential, it will also let you innovate with hardware. You may end up finding your inner Tony Stark.

Learn to Cook comfort food

cooking class

Now you know that when that exquisite piece of metallic marvel finally comes in your hands, you are going to spend hours with it. Wouldn’t it be great to have some delicious gourmet munchies with your premium device? So put on your apron and chef hat and immerse in a three-week cooking course. Not only will you learn an awesome art, you’ll also get to meet fun new people who can be your new contacts on your new phone.

Lastly, Get Your Shopping Lists Ready

Samsung Pay

To make the most out of your new device, you should also postpone your shopping for the next three weeks. The Galaxy S6 comes with the unique Samsung Pay feature that lets you pay through your phone. So while everyone is fumbling around with their cards, you can come in like a boss, draw your metallic machine, pay for your goodies and leave. You will also blow the minds of people around you, but make sure you don’t look back as cool guys don’t look at explosions. Guess we just made you long for your new Galaxy S6 even more with that last line, well…Oops!

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