Yahoo’s New ‘On-demand password’ Service Allows Users to Forget Their Passwords

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Yahoo’s New ‘On-demand password’ Service Allows Users to Forget Their Passwords

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It has become awful hard to keep a track of our passwords these days. If remembering passwords is not your thing, then Yahoo has a way out for you. The company has introduced a new service called ‘On-demand passwords’ system that sends out a unique password to your handset whenever you want to sign in to your account.

The new approach by the company is much like Google’s two-step verification method, but Yahoo has made it hassle-free by encapsulating it into one easy step. Now, users don’t need to remember the tricky password. Whenever someone wishes to login to the account, he/she need to click the ‘Send me password’ button. The user will receive a code through an app or text message on their phones, which will be the password for your Yahoo account. Yes, exactly like the One-Time Password Service used by banks for online transactions.

The Director of Product Management, Chris Stoner, stated on the official Yahoo Tumbler page –

We’ve all been there…you’re logging into your email and you panic because you’ve forgotten your password. After racking your brain for what feels like hours, it finally comes to you. Phew! You no longer have to memorize a difficult password to sign in to your account.

The feature will not activate automatically, and one has to login to their account using the traditional method. Once you’re logged in, change the settings to enable ‘On-demand password’ service. Go to Settings > Security and turn on ‘On-demand passwords.’ Enter the phone number on which you wish to accept the password from then on. Enter the code you’ll receive on your registered device on your system, and you are done. You will now get a new password on the handset every time you wish to login.


It’s difficult to say how much the new method is reliable because once your registered phone gets lost, you’ll be unable to access your account anymore as there will be no set password. The best part is that Yahoo has not forced the new system on its users, and it’s optional.

Yahoo presented one more technology to secure emails, along with the single-step password system. According to the new feature, the emails will be encrypted, and only the sender and receiver will be able to see the content of the email. Again, the service would not enable automatically, and users can turn on the the security measure for specific emails.

Both the ‘On-demand passwords’ and mail encryption technology will release globally later this year. The former is available for the US users now. To know how the mail encryption service works, check the video below:


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