Here’s Why the OnePlus Power Bank Hasn’t Arrived in India

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Here’s Why the OnePlus Power Bank Hasn’t Arrived in India

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OnePlus Powerbank, one of the most powerful devices by the company, was introduced in December last year. With a price tag of $14.99 (approx Rs. 950), the device delivers a massive power with 10,000 mAh. Enough to charge a OnePlus handset three times in a row.

Unfortunately the release date of 17th March (i.e. yesterday) was meant for US customers only. For potential buyers in Europe and India, the wait has been extended indefinitely.

oneplus power bank

OnePlus’ Compact and Powerful Power Bank

According to the company, the logistics are being ironed out for smooth processing. Due to the fact the OnePlus power banks are pure batteries (and not connected to any other product); they require special shipping requirements. Due to the safety concerns posed by the power banks in large numbers, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) have tightened the rules and regulations concerning the same and airlines enforcing these regulations more strictly.

Also keeping in mind the fact that administering battery certification is time-consuming. Different countries have different requirements and regulations. OnePlus’ hope of finalizing the certifications did not go as quickly as they had previously assumed.

From the above facts, the OnePlus Power bank may not be seen in the Indian market soon, but its clear that the company is working to get them here as soon as possible. Although we have a feeling, the fuel banks may be worth the wait.

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