Google Fibre Service Will Feature Internet-like Tailored Commercial on TV

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Google Fibre Service Will Feature Internet-like Tailored Commercial on TV

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Television advertisement have remained the same for year. The network control the content as well as the advertisement that go with it and everyone watching the content gets the same ads.  Google aims to bring a change to this long followed practice and is planning to make ads more personal and identity focused like they are on the internet. The search giant has launched a new local advertising service for Google Fibre that will bring Internet-like tailored commercials on TV.

The  data collected from the set-top boxes informs Google, as well as advertisers about the viewership of a particular ad. Through Google Fiber, advertisers can have a close watch at how many times a particular classified ad has been watched in a particular home. Also, Google will follow its online pricing scheme and will only charge for the number of views an ad receives.

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Not only that, Google Fiber feature will gauge at what shows you watch and will throw ads depending on the viewing habits of the individual. This means that while watching the same cricket match your neighbour will receive different advertisements than those on your TV set. The advertisers can also ask Google to stop a particular ad for an individual and shift to another commercial.

The new service will cut down the monopoly of cable operators and network operators who have had the last say in what the consumers would watch and how much the advertisers have to pay for promotions.. You can now say farewell to the annoying promotions of your nearby grocery store or car cleaner and can watch advertisements of your choice like of an upcoming movie trailer or a daily soap. It is a flexible approach and is expected to benefit customers and advertisers alike.

Google hasn’t specifically mentioned the technical bits of the program, but it is expected to function on the same algorithms that govern Google AdWords, Google’s online advertising service. Meanwhile, it is also learnt that Google can sense what you wish to absorb at a definite time. Google Fiber can target ads depending upon the time of the day so as to get maximum effect.

The American multinational firm had launched then service in the Kansas City of Missouri for trial. Google Fiber is touted to provide high speed, gigabit internet connectivity to subscribers. Google is in the process of expanding the service to new cities in the United States.

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