Samsung Might Introduce Foldable Displays By 2016

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Samsung Might Introduce Foldable Displays By 2016

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Display technologies have witnessed immense evolution over the years. We now can find displays in all shapes and sizes, and they are now an integral parts of our lives. There have also been efforts to create innovative display which has led to the arrival of various curved and manipulable displays in the market. Samsung wants to take it a step ahead and introduce flexible, foldable displays by next year.

The Korean electronics giant had previously initiated a competition where it offered cash prizes ranging between $2,500 and $10,000 to get entrepreneurs excited about creating startups around flexible display technologies. That initiative was called Samsung Create: Flexible Future Business Plan Competition.

BusinessKorea reports that they have insider info on the future of Samsung’s foldable display endeavour. They say that the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016. They cite a Samsung Display official for the quote.

Foldable displays isn’t that new a concept. Most of us have come across random design renderings before the launch of every new iPhone. Flexible displays have also found their place in science fiction based films and TV shows. We have also seen some prototypes like the Kyocera Proteus, but there hasn’t yet been a foldable display in real life that matches up to its fictional silver screen counterpart. A fully developed flexible display might look something like this, except for the holograms of course:

The first foldable displays are expected to be featured in smartphones. So we might start to get some interesting revelations by the time the Galaxy S7 gets ready for launch. The technology is still in developmental stage, and it will be a major challenge to bring a new species of displays for the mass market in a year. But we will still be optimistic here and let Samsung work hard on our future flexible smartphones. Don’t disappoint us now Samsung, we finally started liking you again after the Galaxy S6.

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