Microsoft has a Good Opportunity in India with Cloud, Says Nadella

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Microsoft has a Good Opportunity in India with Cloud, Says Nadella

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Cloud computing is a brand new platform that Microsoft is looking to evolve further. It has gained a great deal of attention, but hasn’t attained the prominence expected by the company. The top official of Microsoft believes that Microsoft has a real opportunity with cloud-computing in India and it will be a transformative area.

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella remarked at the conference:

It was hard selling softwares. But now with cloud, we have real opportunity in India. That definitely is the transformative thing. And of course by design, it has anti-piracy built into it, which also is very helpful.

Nadella expects Cloud to grow the size of Google in the next five years. He further stated, “Qualitatively, the way I describe the world that we live in and what it will be in the next five years is this mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

Cloud Storage

The hardware and software giant is the leader of the cloud service that provides computing and data storage services. The system works by deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that uploads different data sources for real-time processing without the need to store processed data on the cloud.

The Microsoft CEO commented on his vision is to empower every person and organisation and make them achieve more.

Customer success is the top priority of Microsoft and they work on helping their customers re-imagine their businesses. Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Kevin Turner stated in the 2015 Microsoft Financial Analyst Briefing:

And the other big mantra we have at Microsoft, particularly for our field and our go-to-market model, is transforming while performing, and working on those things simultaneously is a very important part of our rigour and our discipline, and what we bring to the table relative to focusing on this customer success.

Alongside this announcement, Microsoft held a three-day build conference where new feature were revealed like Continuum for Phone and Microsft Edge. Check other features here.

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