Zomato Takes Online Food Delivery to the Next Level with its New App ‘Order’

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Zomato Takes Online Food Delivery to the Next Level with its New App ‘Order’

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In March, Zomato launched a delivery system where customers can place an order on its site and the same is delivered at their homes. More recently, Zomato had partnered along with Uber to help customers book cabs to the restaurant they are planning to eat. Now, the company is preparing to launch another new app called Zomato Order for its Android and iOS users.

The new yellow app’s primary functionality lies only on delivery of food. However, both, the native app and the new Order app, are intertwined in functionality. Users can switch from the older Zomato app to the new one instantly.


Zomato’s official blog reads that there are three main reasons as to why a new app is being launched. One, the focus on a single function will improve user experiences, thus making it a hassle-free app. Second, the new app will not have to be updated along with the native app and vice versa. Lastly, the two apps will be linked to each other in such a way that users will be able to look up to the restaurant in the Zomato app, and place the delivery order in the Order app.

Zomato explained,

Having two separate apps allows us to build lightweight apps that get straight to solving the problems you face. Actions that are core to the app experience can be given priority of position, and we aren’t forced into making real estate compromises.

The Order app is currently available for users in NCR and will soon be released for Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata users. Zomato is also working on a variety of new apps. One such app is ‘Zomato Book’ which will deal only with table reservations and is scheduled for launch in the next few months.

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