Best Wireless Galaxy S6 Accessories Available Right Now

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Best Wireless Galaxy S6 Accessories Available Right Now

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Rather than being just an incremental upgrade in terms of specs and features, Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S6 is quite the looker. The tweaked design helps it stand out from the pack of former mundane iterations making it all the more enthralling. There are many cool accessories available in the market that adds substantial value to the handset.

Here’s a list of wireless accessories that helps you make the most of your handset:

QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank

Fone SalesMan Qi Stone+ & Koolpad_1

No matter how powerful the battery equipped to the device may be, smartphones are always power hungry. But there is a solution that is effortless, powerful, and lightweight. QiStone+ is a compact, wireless power bank entailing Qi+ technology to top up the device with Qi Receivers. It stores 4000mAh of power, which means your Galaxy S6 can be charged more than once on one full charge.

The 135g power bank turns to Sleep Mode after 30 seconds of inactivity and wakes up through a capacitive touch sensitive switch. There is an option to charge two devices at a time, one phone can be placed on the QiStone+ and another can be connected to the USB socket via cable.

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WoodPuck Bamboo Edition Wireless Charger


The nature-inspired WoodPuck Bamboo edition is another stylish accessory that heavy users would definitely need. Weighing a mere 80g, the charger is extremely handy and sports a distinctive look and feel of natural bamboo. Just like the QiStone+, this wireless charger can fuel up Qi-compatible devices. Provided at one end is a micro-USB socket that connects to the power plug to charge the device.

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Duracell Powermat

duracell powermat

Designed to keep two gadgets attached to the power point, Duracell Powermat charges phones without messy long wires. The sleek charging hub lets you drop and charge your favourite devices. The 24-hour power system also charges on the go through Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging Hot Spot. It is available in two colours – white and black.

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Samsung Wireless Charger

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge 31

Next is Samsung’s own wireless charger that will cost you Rs. 2,999. The Samsung logo atop the round reflective glass surface looks amazing, and its light weight and considerably small size puts it on traveller’s essentials list. The changing pad allows you to drop the phone on it and refuels the device without any hassle of wires. The wireless charger is available on Samsung India’s online store.

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Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad

belkin qi charging pad



Albeit its plastic look, the Belkin wireless pad serves the purpose. The company claims that the charger can bring your phone’s battery from zero to 100 percent just as quickly as a conventional, 5-watt wired adapter. It has a simple design, with the curved charging base providing a safe cushion.

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