Jott Messenger : How to Text Your Friends Without Using Wi-fi or Data

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Jott Messenger : How to Text Your Friends Without Using Wi-fi or Data

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Most of us got our first phones when we were 16 or maybe 14 (if you were lucky). A recent study proved that 88% of teenagers these days actually get their phones between ages 13 to 17. Naturally, no teen is spotted without his or her mobile phone today as they are active on social networking sites and are constantly texting their peers, whether in school or outside.

In India, most schools don’t permit phones within school campus but in the US, it’s okay to carry your device and be logged in all day. However, what happens when you can’t text due to limited balance or an improper data plan? You get Jott!


Jott is the perfect app for Junior high schoolers and high schoolers as it functions without the internet or a data plan. Sounds ideal? Yes, this app lets you chat with anyone within a closed network and within a 100 foot radius of the school campus. This means you can stay connected all day, whether its social or just exchanging notes.

Jared Allgood, creator of Jott has managed to push the app in the top 75 apps being used by iOS and this is no easy feat. Jott already has a huge user base of half a million users, as of March and is growing from strength to strength with 15,000-20,000 users joining the app, everyday. So how does this app work?

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It works using the help of a mesh network “that operates on Bluetooth low energy or using a router that can reach within 100 feet of each user,” according to Techcrunch. This is different from sending a normal text messages that uses the help of cell towers to convey your text. Thus, anyone within close proximity, that is, a 100 feet can be easily accessed and spoken to.

Make Friends Within Your School or Any Closed Network

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Jott only allows you to be a part of the network, if you share your real phone number. This actually benefits students because a lot of teens find it tough to talk face to face, so they can find out their class mate’s details via the school network and then approach them. Also, even if you don’t want to use it to get a pretty girl’s number or ask someone out, you can use it for studious purposes. You can actually get that one nerdy classmates number who will send you the whole years class notes and thus save you from failing your finals. It does sound very cool, indeed.

No Security?

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The internet is rampant with cyber bullying and teenagers being at the impressionable age they are, can often be harassed through these types of apps. That’s why Jott stands out. It has a strong security and privacy settings where in, those who are a part of school networks (that are closed) must create an account with their actual name and age and verify that they actually go to the school, they’re claiming to be a part of. If you do give a fake ID, other students will call your bluff because they will know for sure and you will be immediately removed from the network.

If this wasn’t enough, Jott also has disappearing messages and screenshot detection just like Snapchat. Therefore, there is no room for disaster and anyone using it is efficiently safeguarded.

Jott had been tested and tried by Allgood, first in a set of schools until it started majorly trending and reached the phenomenal following it has today. According to Niche data, about 87% of teens text daily, compared to 61% of those who say they use Facebook. Therefore, Allgood has actually used this data to his advantage and created an app that will further simplify and revolutionise texting. We suggest you try it out today as it is available on all iOS and Android devices and can be used on your iPods and iPads as well.

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