First Trailer of ‘Snowden’ Shows Surveillance Disguised as Patriotism

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First Trailer of ‘Snowden’ Shows Surveillance Disguised as Patriotism

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Call him a patriot or a traitor, but Edward Snowden is certainly a legendary figure among whistleblowers. The new trailer for Snowden doesn’t feature the famous whistle-blower but shows the impact he left on the state of surveillance around the world.

Snowden created history when he revealed a large number of classified NSA documents in 2013, exposing how the government of the United States of America was using mass surveillance tactics not only around the world but also on its own citizens. The revelations were important as it showed not only U.S., but even countries like UK and India using mass surveillance to monitor the privacy of their own citizens, all in the name of protection. Currently, Snowden resides in an undisclosed location in Russia and is wanted in United States for treason.

Only time will tell if the film shows Snowden as a patriot or a traitor. While describing Snowden’s past, the trailer shows an upside flag of USA with the words “One nation under surveillance for liberty and justice for all”, hinting at the surveillance tactics used by the government disguised as patriotism.

Snowden stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as the titular character, Shailene Woodley (Divergent) and Nicholas Cage. The film is directed by Oliver Stone, who is best known for making politically-motivated films such as JFK and PlatoonSnowden will release on 25th December in U.S. theatres, while we should be expect a January release for India.

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