Now Enjoy High Frame Rate Videos on YouTube App

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Now Enjoy High Frame Rate Videos on YouTube App

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Today, Google has announced that the YouTube’s iOS and Android app will support HFR playback, meaning that you can watch Mario steer through obstacles at a smooth 60fps on your phone, just like you see it on your Xbox or PS4. The announcement follows the one Google made in October last year, as it rolled out HFR video for YouTube, allowing users to watch videos with a smooth playback on web browsers.

Over the past few years, High Frame Rate (HFR) video playback has been a craze around the world. The feature plays videos at 48-or-60 fps, as compared to the normal 24 fps playback. Videos playing in high frame rates appear silky smooth and without motion blurs. It is usually used by gamers who upload footage from video games and want the same quality they expect from a  PS4 or Xbox. YouTube currently offers HFR playback only on HD videos.

Since Google is updating the content from the servers, Android and iOS users don’t have to update their apps to access HFR videos. If the video has been uploaded in HFR format, all users would have to do is select the resolution, which will be marked as 720p60 or 1080p60. The app users won’t be able to view live streaming in HFR though. In May, Google extended HFR support for live streaming for desktop users.


If you have no idea how HFR video looks like, play the video below and select 720p60 or 1080p60 to enjoy the smooth playback. Trust us, you’ll know the difference.

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