Gello, Cyanogen’s Browser Will Allow Lots Of Customization Options

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Gello, Cyanogen’s Browser Will Allow Lots Of Customization Options

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There is no shortage of mobile Internet browsing apps. Now, here comes one more browsing app called Gello, right now, only for Android. Gello is a Chromium-based browser that is developed by Cyanogen. But what is so special about this browser? In a market already full to the edge with third party browsers, Gello’s single selling point will be tons of customization options.

If you have been using the Chrome browser on your Android device, what you see in the video may look familiar. Apparently, CyanogenMod is using Chromium and adding its features and services.

CyanogenMod’s Joey Rizzoli teased the new browser on Tuesday in a Google+ post and said, “Coming to a screen near you through +CyanogenMod! Will unveil more soon!!” He also shared a 14-second YouTube video showing some highlights of the upcoming browser including an extremely customised interface, save for offline browsing feature, night mode, new privacy and safety settings, and new download settings.

The Gello browser would be directed at those who fancy AOSP instead of Google’s Android. But, it is also possible that it could be installed directly on traditional Android devices.

If you have entry-level handsets, then Gello might not be for you. According to CM team member Joey Rizzoli, Gello will not be available on “low-end devices or devices with small system partitions”. Rizolli also cited that the team plans to bring more characteristics to Gello. Let us wait and watch!

At the moment, We do not know the release dates of Gello. But, when the browser finally gets released, it will come with an open-source licence, which will allow everyone with enough creativity or programming skills to contribute to the project.

Check out the video below:

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