New WhatsApp Update Enables ‘Mark As Unread’ Feature

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New WhatsApp Update Enables ‘Mark As Unread’ Feature

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Few months back, WhatsApp announced a much talked about ‘calling’ update, and just recently it announced another update that enables you to mark a conversation as unread. To activate the updated feature you have to tap and hold the conversation you wish to respond to later. This doesn’t change the status of the conversation if you have already read it, rather, it acts as a reminder for a conversation you didn’t have the time to respond to immediately, and in the process, avoids many a conflict that has been caused by the little blue tick marks.

Image Source: AndroidPolice

Image Source: AndroidPolice

WhatsAppApart from this WhatsApp has made itself very efficient by introducing other updates such as the low data usage feature  for voice calls, useful when you’re on a limited or slow data plan and the ‘mute’ button on the customized settings options. This feature enables you to mute a group conversation for up to a full year! One can also customize settings for specific tone, vibration length, light, popup notification, as well as the call ringtone and vibration.

Mute Option

low data usage

With multiple updates and new features it seems like WhatsApp is here to stay, at least till the near future.


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