Meet the Anime Revolutionaries Who Want to Silence the ISIS

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Meet the Anime Revolutionaries Who Want to Silence the ISIS

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In case you missed it, ISIS Chan is the new anime activist, created by anime nerds all over the world to silence violent ISIS terrorist propaganda. ISIS Chan is a girl who wears the terrorist group’s black clothing, has green eyes and dark hair. She is 19 years old and holds a knife, only because she loves to slice and eat melons!

isis chan 3

The aim of these ‘revolutionaries’ is to hijack the terrorist group’s messages and replace them with this cute anime character. They hope that one day when people all over the world google ISIS they won’t have to see intimidating pictures of terrorists with AK-47 guns, but instead, this cute anime character, who represents the opposite of what the terrorist group propagates.

isis chan 4

Some call it the ‘Google Bomb’, a war of attrition, where images are ammunition and “search engine optimization” is the rule of engagement.” The group reportedly said:

“The World Wide Web is our battlefield,we want to change the meaning of the term ‘ISIS’.”


Winning this war would mean a monumental change, since Google keeps its algorithms a secret. With the basic rule for its search results being popularity, the group has reported more than 3000 original images from an unknown number of supporters mainly from Asia. As of now though, most supporters prefer to remain anonymous, fearing an attack from the terrorist group.

isis chan 5

The idea of ISIS Chan emerged in japan when the group killed two Japanese hostages. The country being unable to retaliate militarily, did so in the best way they knew how to: anime. Animators had independently photoshopped ISIS images of the murder and replaced the killer’s knife with a banana!

The only anti-ISIS activist who is known on Twitter, known as, GenKnoxx reported that they did this to make people who try to be terrifying look ridiculous. Despite being anti-ISIS the group has some simple rules such as: no insulting Islam or showing religious symbols. Respecting the images of hostages, no gore or porn.

isis chan 6

ISIS now has ISIS Chan and anything you decide to post on Twitter with the hashtag #ISISChan gets shared by the leading activist @isisvipper. So get tweeting and spread the awareness.

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