Introducing a 360 Degree-View ‘Treehouse’ With Wi-fi and Beer

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Introducing a 360 Degree-View ‘Treehouse’ With Wi-fi and Beer

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Jono Williams, a plastics engineer and graphic designer from New Zealand has built a treehouse. But this treehouse is said to be the ideal bachelor pad. Why? Because it has a 360-degree view, high speed Wi-Fi, an app-controlled beer dispenser and voice-controlled LED lights- all of this being solar powered. 

Skysphere 1

Image Credit: Mashable

It is said that he wanted to build an elevated room with a view, but wasn’t convinced by the generic treehouse idea. Therefore, he created his own steel treehouse for $67,000. The structure is called ‘The Skysphere’, and is controlled by a wireless sound system fingerprint entry.


The Skysphere also has a projector and dimmable LED lighting from solar-powered, app and voice-controlled mechanics.The room is completely powered by solar panels, which is necessary for all of its gadgets. Although Mr.William’s favourite part of the Skysphere is the smartphone activated, refrigerated, in-couch beer dispenser, which can hold 12 beers and can chill an additional 36 beers at the same time.

Skysphere 2

One general question is- how does he get things up? To answer this he says, his initial plan was to use a large hydraulic ram that goes down into the ground, with a lift on it. But for now he’s using a ladder and a rope-pulley system.

Skyphere 3

The only thing that seems to be missing here is a bathroom, but Mr.Williams is soon planning to make one “in the trees near the tower”. What do you think of this tech savvy treehouse?

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