This Android Bug Can Make Your Phone Unresponsive

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This Android Bug Can Make Your Phone Unresponsive

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A security firm has found a bug in Android that can result in the death of your phone – you won’t be able to access it as the bug will make your phone unresponsive to the extent that you won’t be able to receive any notifications or calls. According to Trend Micro, the security firm behind the discovery, the bug is present in phones running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above, meaning that even your newly purchased Moto G (Gen 3) is vulnerable.

The new bug causes your phone to crash through Android’s mediaserver service, which indexes all the media files located on your Android device. The service crashes when it processes a distorted Matroska video file (.mkv), thus effectively shutting down the phone. The company notes that the bug can be exploited in two ways – by embedding the corrupted .mkv file in an app or a web page/website.

The glitch was reported by Trend Micro to Google in May this year, which was labelled as low-priority. According to a Google spokesperson (via Engadget), a security flaw will be made available in a “future version of Android.”

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