Canon’s Latest Can Shoot Full HD Color Footage in Almost Complete Darkness

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Canon’s Latest Can Shoot Full HD Color Footage in Almost Complete Darkness

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Never getting tired of delighting its fanbase, Canon has introduced a new camera which should put all the headaches experienced during shooting in low-light situations to rest. The MH20F-SH uses a CMOS sensor with 2.6 megapixels, each pixel being 5.5 times larger than the the pixels found in Canon’s 1Dx or Nikon D810. Thus, every pixel in the MH20F-SH will sense more light than any other camera, delivering a full HD color footage captured in extreme low light situations.


The camera doesn’t feature a monitor or a recording, so you have to connect the camera to an external recording unit and monitor through HDMI or SD-HDI. The audio can be recorded by connecting the microphone to a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The MH20F-SH can capture only full HD videos at 24, 30, or 60 fps, which is a bit of a disappointment because of the huge demand for footage shot in 4K resolution. Still, due to the compact size and being the first in its line, Canon will find ways to include 4K resolution in the next iteration of the camera.

The MH20F-SH can be fitted with Canon’s EF entire range of lenses, so there is no need to buy any new lenses if you are already using the EF range. The camera will still a burn a hole in your pocket. Canon has priced MH20F-SH at $30,000, thus making it strictly for professional purposes, such as surveillance and wildlife documentaries.

Here’s a test footage from 2013, when the MH20F-SH’s sensor was in development:

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