Samsung Introduces Apps to Delete Bloatware in China

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Samsung Introduces Apps to Delete Bloatware in China

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Samsung Electronics, was sued in Shanghai, China over its alleged involvement in blocking Galaxy users in China from deleting applications. Samsung has been asked to address the issue of less storage space due to pre-installed apps otherwise known as bloatware. The particular device in question is the “N9008S” model, called the Galaxy Note 3 in Korea.

The Chinese version of the Note 3 is said to come with 44 pre-installed apps, which reduces its storage by a fair amount. Therefore, Samsung is now distributing apps that allow consumers to delete pre-installed apps in all Galaxy devices.

However, this change is specifically caters to Chinese consumers and does not affect the rest of the world. Would you like Samsung to introduce bloatware deleting apps in India too? Let us know.

Source:[tw-button size=”medium” background=”#07ABE2″ color=”” target=”_blank” link=””] Korea Times[/tw-button]

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