7 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy While Using Windows 10

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7 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy While Using Windows 10

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Sixty seven million Windows users are rejoicing at the thought of being upgraded to Windows 10 and are enjoying the convenience that comes with Bing knowing your location, Cortana knowing your name and sometimes other personal information. All your contacts, photos and everything are constantly being processed by the new software. It sounds perfect. However, one minor detail is missing. What is Windows 10 doing to protect your privacy as it constantly saves passwords, credit card numbers and personal information?

Here are a few things you can do to protect you privacy, while using Windows 10 and enjoying its features at the same time:

1.  Know your Apps:


Many applications on Windows 10 require your personal information. For example, Maps, which needs your location in order to function. While Maps tells you where its using your personal information, many apps on Microsoft don’t necessarily follow the same protocol. Therefore, it is important to tweak the privacy settings of any app you use so that your personal information going out is limited, if not completely inaccessible.

2. Communications:

Microsoft tends to take in all the contact information of their users, just incase their primary means of communicating, fail. It does this so that it can send you information as well as promotions. In order to manage these communications better, click here (if you have a Microsoft account) and here, if you don’t.

3. Ads:


We all know that advertisements generate revenue. So if Facebook and Google can track you to sell ads, so can Microsoft. Microsoft does it according to your interests and even gives you your own advertising ID to make it simple. However, you can choose not to be a part of interest-based ads by clicking here. Opting out of that though, doesn’t mean that data won’t be collected or the number of ads that pop up will reduce.

4. Turn off the tracking:

Follow these steps to prevent Microsoft from collecting random data and information –

Start > Settings > Privacy > Feedback and Diagnostics > Click “never” to change the feedback frequency and Usage Data to “basic”

Also, while in the Privacy menu, you can regulate any information from your location, camera, microphone etc. It can be controlled from that menu.

5. Guard Your Browser History:

Web Browser

You can stop the sending of your browsing history by Edge by clicking on the top right corner of Edge, then settings > Advanced Settings > View Advanced Settings, under Privacy and Services, turn off “Have Cortana Assist Me in Microsoft Edge.” This is essential because Edge only sends your information to Microsoft so that Cortana can be further personalised. So all you got to do, is turn her off. And while you’re in the Privacy and Services menu, make sure you turn off “use page prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and make my overall experience better.”

“If you received your Microsoft account from a third party, like an Internet service provider, that third party may have rights over your account, including the ability to access or delete your Microsoft account.” — Microsoft

6. Don’t Get Tricked Into Creating a Microsoft Account:

Try and keep all your information within your local computer only. Even if Microsoft urges you to create an account, don’t do it because once done, it pieces together all your metadata and connects it to you ID. This can be a tricky situation and one must be extremely careful while sharing this information. Its never a good idea to share accounts. In order to delete or manage your Microsoft account go to Settings > Accounts > Your Account.

7. Cortana Can be Creepy:


Yes, at first it is fascinating to have an attractive voice talking back to you and calling you by your name. But, Cortana doesn’t know just your name. She has access to more information than you think she does and the whole situation sounds a little intrusive. So if you want to snap Cortana out of being too clingy, click here. There, you will be able to clear the Interests section as well as the Speech Inking and Typing information.

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