Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Show Your Boarding Pass at International Airports

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Show Your Boarding Pass at International Airports

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Air travellers are refusing to show their boarding passes to the shops in the airport after finding out that the shops were using the information to avoid paying VAT, that too, without giving an added discount to customers. The revolt of sorts, took place on August 8th.

Popular airport stores like WHSmith and Boots are now having to deal with angry customers who are outright refusing to show their boarding passes, just to ‘boost retailers’ profits. It has also been said that readers are now coming out and backing the Independent’s campaign to end the rip off many citizens have been witnessing.

“That’s the last time I show an airport shop my boarding card on principle,” said one tweeter.

The reason that shops don’t want to pay the 20% VAT is because passengers travelling outside the European Union have no purchase tax. Research suggests most of these stores don’t pass the savings on to customers.

A possible solution to this problem is if retailers share the reclaimed VAT with its customers, however the retailers have refused to give in to a dual pricing system, deeming it a ‘practical impossibility.’

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