Galaxy O Series : Samsung Expected to Launch Yet Another Line-Up of Devices

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Galaxy O Series : Samsung Expected to Launch Yet Another Line-Up of Devices

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According to reports, Samsung is currently working on two new smartphones, called the SM-G550 and the SM-G600. These two new devices are said to be released under the new Galaxy O series. Therefore, it has been concluded that SM-G550 will most probably be named the Galaxy O5 and the the SM-G600 will be called the Galaxy O7.

In 2014, Samsung had begun improving their smartphones by grouping all the new launches under different letters of the alphabet such as – Galaxy J, Galaxy E, Galaxy A, Galaxy O, Galaxy S etc. The market is currently flooded with Samsung smartphones available in all sizes and prices. The only unchanged factor amongst the large variety of smartphones is its form factor. It is still to be seen whether the Galaxy O series comes with a new design that would be easier for users to differentiate it from other smartphones made by the company.

Apple on the other hand (Samsung’s direct competitor), has only one solid line of smartphones and more often than not, have higher profits than Samsung. This happens regardless of whether Samsung occupies a larger market share or not.

However, no confirmation about the specification or release date of the devices have been made by the company itself.

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