Microsoft’s New project To make 3D Scanning Possible On the iPhone Soon

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Microsoft’s New project To make 3D Scanning Possible On the iPhone Soon

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Microsoft is now creating a camera for smartphones, that can also be a 3D scanner. The name of this project is – MobileFusion and the first research has been conducted on an iPhone 5S to scan objects by moving the phone around them. Kind of like the new pen scanner we just reported about.

The phone is said to be able to capture and track objects and then build up a model as the camera captures it from different angles. Microsoft has stated that no additional hardware would be required to turn the iPhone or any other smartphone into a 3D scanner. All the computation is done within the phone itself.


Microsoft’s project is quoted as being different from other projects such as, Google’s Tango project, which uses additional hardware. It has also been said, that Microsoft’s single camera should be enough to make models for printing or use in augmented reality gaming.

As of now, they are trying to get it running on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone.However, the date of release or any news of mass production is unavailable. Stay tuned and watch the video below:

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