Samsung SleepSense Can Automatically Turn Off Your TV When You Fall Asleep

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Samsung SleepSense Can Automatically Turn Off Your TV When You Fall Asleep

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IFA Berlin is seeing a number of tech devices being released each day, with more and more enthusiasm. Today, as the anticipation build up for Samsung, they merely revealed a device called the SleepSense.

It is something they have come up with, from the concept of a sleep tracking device. So, instead of wearing or carrying the device, you can just slip it under your mattress. Moreover, it’s just a flat disk.

Samsung SleepSense

Once placed under your mattress, it will monitor your heart rate, breathing and movement during sleep with “97 percent” accuracy. This information will be transferred to a smartphone app, which gives you an “individual sleep score” based on several factors, such as – total sleep time, number of times you woke up and the percentage of REM sleep.

Apparently, if you’re a light sleeper, or you can’t sleep because you think you see ghosts in the dark etc. you can actually get advice from a Harvard sleep expert on how to sleep better by changing your nutrition, exercise and other things. Yes, this is what was left – for a device to tell us how to sleep. Welcome to the future, readers.

Samsung SleepSense 2

Now, here is the slightly more interesting thing about this device – it actually encourages laziness! Isn’t that why technology exists? To make our lives easier. Well, here’s how – SleepSense is also connected to Samsung’s SmartThings IoT home automation system. So, when you fall asleep while watching your favourite guilty reality TV show, the device will detect that you’re asleep and will automatically turn off lights or the TV and lower the air conditioning.

This way Samsung is helping us be eco-friendly and save energy. This device will launch in Korea later this year, however, there is no information about the price or whether it will launch in the US and Europe.

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