Here’s An App That Will Never Let You Walk Alone

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Here’s An App That Will Never Let You Walk Alone

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Today we’re going to talk about an app called Companion that is basically a virtual security app for you. So, now when you just have to get something to eat, and the only store open is that shady corner store; you’ll have a companion, virtually.

“Companion is a peer-to-peer safety app that improves public safety and provides peace of mind to anyone on the move!”

Now the best thing about this app is that, the person you pick to be your ‘companion’ doesn’t need to be an app user! So now all you have to do is, enter your destination and select anyone in your contacts to be your ‘Companion’. The ‘companion’ can now track your progress and will be automatically notified when you arrive at your destination safely.

companion app

This app can also detect when you start running or in case you fall, or even if your headphones have been pulled out of the jack. There is a fifteen seconds time period within which, if you don’t respond, the app will notify your ‘companion’ immediately. Apart from this you can also contact the local police department to report an emergency.

Furthermore, for University students, the app comes with the ability to report areas around the campus which you can record as a safe zone, and similarly you can even record an “I feel nervous” zone. The Companion app is said to contact your school or university’s officials upon detecting suspicious activity.

This app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Check it out here:


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