Top 5 Rumours About the New iPhones We Hope Come True

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Top 5 Rumours About the New iPhones We Hope Come True

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Barely two days away from the iPhone launch, we found a way to channelise our anticipation through a list of rumours about the new gadgets. Brace yourselves for here it comes- the top five rumours about iPhone 6s and 6s Plus we hope come true:


According to several sources, Apple is looking to reduce the thickness of its already delicate smartphones. Yes, post the “bendgate” issue last year, this might not sound like the smartest choice to make, but the good news around the new iPhones’ construction is the use of 7000 series Aluminium, which is stronger and more resilient. You can also expect Apple to reinforce the iPhones with a stronger inner structure.



If rumours are to be believed, the new iPhones are expected to be equipped with a 3-D Force Touch interface, along with an A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM. This new gen-next technology, when coupled with iOS 9 of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, is expected to make things a lot smoother and more convenient for iPhone users.

Internal and External Components:

The images so far have revealed an iPhone 6s logic board with components such as the rear shell and battery, both of which enable the device to display a screen showing a gear icon. The video shows us the boot up process, logic board, LTE baseband modem and its radio frequency transceiver chip.


If the information provided by Tech Tastic, a Dutch blog is to be believed, the new iPhones are expected to cost as much as their predecessors.The iPhone 6s is presently said to arrive at 699 euros which is Rs.52,084 approximately, for the 16GB version. The 64GB version is said to be 799 euros which is Rs.59,529 approximately, while the 128GB version might be 899 euros which is Rs.66,980 approximately.


Just two days ago iGyaan reported about the camera quality of the two new iPhones which is likely to get a 400% boost. One hopes the front and the rear camera are as improved as Apple has led us to believe. The former is expected to be 5 MP while the latter, a decent 12 MP.

Now that the countdown has already begun for the launch on 9th September, watch this space for the latest updates.

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