Tech Campus: Is Google Really the Only One?

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Tech Campus: Is Google Really the Only One?

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Technology has been playing a huge part in our day to day lives. We all remember the day we first figured out how to use the laptop, or the smartphone, or really got to experience the television effect. Movies like ‘The Internship’ gave us a glimpse into the lives of ‘Techies’ and the general Google experience.

But, much before Google came into existence, we (the 90s kids) had another source of entertainment that became our entire childhood – Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Timon and Pumba, Peter Pan, Ducktales, Talespin, need I say more? Who created them? And where did they emerge from? Your answer is Walt Disney and his genius team.

The term ‘tech campus’ is a fairly recent one, with Google being the best example of this. It is famous for its quirky decor, large campuses, libraries which barely look like libraries, etc. If you need some reference then just have a look at a room in the the London Google Head Office. The room below exists, just because, it can.

'Velourmptious Snug' seating area

But did you know that our favourite characters were also created in perhaps a far more elaborate work space?

Well here’s how. Walt Disney himself pioneered the Disney studios. It was previously set in Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles but when Disney had 3 major productions underway he figured the space wasn’t big enough for his 1000 plus creators and employees. Therefore, Walt picked a 51 acre space in Burbank and began what he does best.

These new studios seemed to have everything the employees required and more. Each animator had their personal office space with an easy chair, drapes, and these rooms were fully air-conditioned. The complex had a cafeteria with every possible thing available, like a gas station, and as if this wasn’t enough Mr. Disney even wanted to make an entire apartment complex within the studio area so that his creators and employees need not go home. My words are not enough to explain the creator within Walt Disney, so here is a trailer of the documentary series called American Experience: Walt Disney that PBS is going to air starting next Monday.

The fact that this was a big part in the creation of our goofy imaginary friends, could make it a nostalgic documentary to watch. Now, we also don’t mean to discredit the Google campus, but then again, all great things always have a greater inspiration behind it. Do you think that Disney could have been Google’s inspiration? It’s quite a plausible idea.

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