Chatroulette Users Stumble Into Live-Action Game and It Is Epic

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Chatroulette Users Stumble Into Live-Action Game and It Is Epic

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You may have heard of an online chat website called Chatroulette, that pairs random people from around the world for webcam-based conversations. Visitors on the website can begin chatting with another visitor, and either of them can leave at any point to join a chat with another random visitor. Since the website went live in 2009, the number of visitors has grown and today millions of people visit the site every day.

Now, apart from normal web chatting there are other innovative ways to spend time on the site as well. For example, British independent film company Realm Pictures came out with a short video of its new project: a homemade, real-life first-person shooter game – that operates in Chatroulette.

Realm Pictures used special cameras to stream the game’s elaborate zombie set, and then invited a select number of users on the webcam-conversation site to play in real-time. Creative Director, David M Reynolds, explains that “rather than just prerecording something that looks like a first-person [shooter game], we thought we’d actually include the most important element there—which is the player.”

At this point, we find it hard to accurately describe the epicness of a shooter game like this, so we’ll let you watch the video instead.

You might be interested to know that the main actor wore a motorcycle helmet with a GoPro camera, light and Teradek HDMI transmitter. 30 intrepid extras from a nearby town played the zombies. If that video left you wanting for more, here’s the behind-the-scenes video of how the team pulled it off.

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