iOS 9 Soon to Beat Android Lollipop’s Adoption Rate

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iOS 9 Soon to Beat Android Lollipop’s Adoption Rate

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It’s just been a couple of days since its release and iOS 9 adoption rates are already threatening to take over Android Lollipop. We all know that the number of iOS devices doesn’t match up to Android’s dominance. As per the last official count, Android had reached 1 billion active users, while there are 800 million iOS devices. Android is the most widely used platform for smartphone and tablets today,  on the other hand iOS is exclusively used by Apple and is obviously lesser used.

New stats tell us that the iOS 9 adoption rates have reached over 18% in 3 days only and the numbers are expected to be on the rise.


Now Android Lollipop on the other hand, has reportedly only reached a 20% threshold with users still being stuck with the Android KitKat, which was made available some 2 years ago. Obviously, Android still have software update issues which Apple is conveniently taking advantage of.

Well, so far so good. We all knew that Android needs to step it up sooner or later. So, let’s hope Marshmallow is the answer to their problems.

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