There’s a New Invisibility Cloak Just In Time For Christmas

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There’s a New Invisibility Cloak Just In Time For Christmas

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Earlier, much earlier, we had reported that the Harry Potter invisibility cloak concept was being studied for research purposes and that there were a couple of things they developed which brought them closer to their goal.

So just a 100 days before Christmas, we bring you good news that the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have actually managed to create a thin, 80 nanometre skin cloak with the ability to make small things disappear.


It is said, that the cloak is made up of “gold brick-like nanoantennas” which redirect light waves from the object thereby making it invisible. What’s new about this cloak is that, as compared to the previously made bulky invisibility cloaks this one is ultra thin, and even though it is a 2D cloak, it is said to be able to cover 3D objects too.

The basic idea that helped with this development is the fact that they wanted to make the surface of the cloak in a way that the light hitting it “would be the same as that of light reflected from a flat mirror.”

“As long as the metasurface is designed correctly,” the study says, “both the container and the objects inside the container will become invisible.”

Oh well, there’s very little left for ones imagination these days.Will science destroy the entire idea of mystery soon? With the way things are advancing, no one will be able to read a book and get lost in another world.

So, here’s to hoping that the next gen also has their share of C.S Lewis and JK Rowling.

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