R.I.P is the World’s Deadliest Bullet

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R.I.P is the World’s Deadliest Bullet

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Ever wondered what technology in a bullet can achieve? There is a bullet out there that is considered the deadliest bullet in the world and it’s quite aptly called R.I.P, which is short for Radically Invasive Projectile.

A video demonstrating the bullet in action shows you just how deadly the weapon can be. The ammo is shot against different targets such as a watermelon, a block of ice, and a hollow block, and the damage it causes is, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to try it even on your worst enemy.

The R.I.P was created by a Georgia-based company. The crown-shaped bullet opens “nine separate wound channels” that will “take out all your organs” as it explodes immediately on contact.

You would think that this weapon was made for the purpose of finishing a war in a day, but the company behind this bullet actually had other intentions for it. G2 Research stated that the ammo is actually a “self-defense” tool mostly aimed at women who may be living alone and are worried about protecting their families against intruders. Intense right?

The company website explains that:

“the bullet shreds through solid objects first, and only then expands its energy.”

While we respect the reasons behind the making of this little devil, one can’t help wonder what would happen in the future if this falls into some trigger-happy hands. Share your opinion about this bullet in the comments below.

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