YU to Release Another Mystery Flagship Smartphone Soon

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YU to Release Another Mystery Flagship Smartphone Soon

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YU had very recently launched the Yunique on the 8th of September 2014. This was it’s first affordable LTE-capable smartphone. Just today, founder Rahul Sharma tweeted hinting that another smartphone may already be on its way.

Micromax spinoff YU Televentures was formed with the aim to bring exciting products through innovating and reinventing technology. Their motto #YUPlayGod suggested that we, the consumers were in charge of developing the kind of products we wanted. YU Yureka was the first smartphone from the Indian-bred smartphone manufacturing firm to gain recognition in the international market; it offered good specs at an affordable price. It was the first Indian-origin smartphone that could stand in the marketplace flooded with Chinese and Taiwanese electronics.

Today, Rahul Sharma tweeted:

Well, the only thing we are able to decipher from this tweet is that the next smartphone could possibly be a flagship. As of now their latest smartphone Yunique is priced at Rs. 4,999 but since the upcoming smartphone is expected to be a flagship, the price could also possibly be higher than the Yu Yunique.

Currently, however, the Yureka Plus comes at Rs. 8,999 which is the most expensive smartphone in the Yu line. So, if they’re planning to stick to their own style of producing affordable mobiles with high specs then the upcoming handset also should not be priced too far from what they already have. Till then let’s keep our fingers crossed for a blockbuster.

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