Intel 710 and 720 Series SSD Specs Leaked

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Intel 710 and 720 Series SSD Specs Leaked

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The upcoming 710 Series, codename Lyndonville, and the 720 Series, codename Ramsdale, SSDs from Intel have had their specs leaked via a German Website. Both series are due for release in the next few months and set as replacements for the X-25E series of SSDs.

The 710 series will be available in 100, 200 and 300 GB capacities and will use MLC NAND storage. They will have a read speed of 270 mbps and write speeds of 210 Mbps. While these speeds are not exceptional, these drives are geared towards the enterprise. They come with AES-128 encryption and a mean time between failure of 2 million hours. The 710 series is launching in this quarter and we should have a pricing soon.

The 720 series is what we’re really exited about. It will come in flavours of 200 and 400 GB and will use the more reliable SLC NAND flash storage and will also come with AES-256 encryption. It will be the first Intel SSD line to switch from the SATA interface to a PCI Express interface. This will allow the drives to have a phenomenal read speed of 2200MBps and an unheard write speed of 1800 MBps. That is not a typo. The speeds are in Mega Bytes per second. These devices are expected to launch later this year at prices that would probably be through the roof.

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