Looking For Some 3D Printed Candy -Berlin is Your Next Stop

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Looking For Some 3D Printed Candy -Berlin is Your Next Stop

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Welcome to the world of 3D printing food technology. Yes, you heard it right, 3D printed food. Candy-maker Katjes has created sweets in Berlin using a 3D printing technique in a first of its kind attempt. Called The Magic Candy Factory, it employs heated fruit gum mixture to create miniature octopuses and pyramids, among other things.

Customers are given a range of fourteen designs to choose from on a tablet. The candy costs 5-10 euros and hopes to draw attention using the technology. We recently reported about 3D doodling pens which allows the user to create art in thin air. From doodling to candies, the world of 3D printing is bent on taking audiences by storm. We can only wonder what technology has to offer next.

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