Motorola Says Moto X Style is ‘Coming Very Soon’ To India

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Motorola Says Moto X Style is ‘Coming Very Soon’ To India

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New reports have suggested that Motorola will release the Moto X Style in India soon. There are no confirmed dates for the said device, however this is what was tweeted by the company :

That doesn’t seem too bad at all, since they’re already tweeting about it, we can probably expect the process to begin soon.

Why should you be excited about the new Moto X Style? Well, apart from being a high-end phone, it is an upgrade from the X Play that Motorola has brought to India in September. It is powered by the Snapdragon 808 processor, contains a 3GB of RAM and flaunts and display that is larger than 5.7 inches. The display is further enhanced by a QHD (2560×1440) resolution too. The Moto X Style will come with a 21MP rear camera and dual SIM support. The only down side of this phone is that it features a smaller battery.

Till now this is all we know. However, we will bring you the latest updates and official announcement of the release dates as soon as it’s out.

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