Anonymous and LulzSec Announce New Campaign

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Anonymous and LulzSec Announce New Campaign

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The two most famous hacker groups in recent times have united in a campaign which they call AntiSec. The targets include banks, government organizations, and other high profile targets. They are urging hackers from around the world to unite to steal and leak classified documents, e-mails, and other information. [quote]We hear our #Anonymous brothers are making progress with #AntiSec, we also have reports of many rogue hacker groups joining in. :D[/quote]  the group tweeted a few hours ago.

The campaign seems to have hit its first official target target today. The website of UK based Serious Organised Crime Agency was down today. In another tweet, it appears pastebin, the text sharing site appears to be down. LulzSec suspects the UK Government to have perpetrated an attack against the site as the group uses it to distribute materials. They tweeted:[quote]#DearGovernment did you DDoS @Pastebin b/c of this #AntiSec or is that b/c of us reading it?[/quote] When we visited the website, this is what we found:



LulzSec is a group that recently targeted the CIA, the FBI, and Sony among others. The group seems to want to embarrass their targets just for kicks and are speculated to be an offshoot of Anonymous.

Anonymous is a group that targets governments and organizations for political reasons and mostly in the support of freedom of speech. In the past they have targeted the governments of Iran, Turkey and Egypt. They have also targeted Sony for the company’s legal action against PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz, and Paypal, MasterCard and VISA after they removed their services from the WikiLeaks website which enabled the site to receive donations.

Stay tuned for more news on the on-going cyber war.

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