Beddi is a Smartphone Alarm Dock that is Really Affordable

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Beddi is a Smartphone Alarm Dock that is Really Affordable

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There have been many smartphone alarm docs over the years. Most of them haven’t found too many buyers for reasons related to limited functionality and an expensive price tag. But Kickstarter and Indiegogo are trying to bring back the smart alarm clock and make it fun and affordable again.

Beddi Dock

Witti is the company behind the new Beddi smart alarm clock, backed by Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Beddi is a bedside alarm that also works as a Bluetooth speaker, and a lot more. The dock can also hook up to Uber, Spotify and Nest as well. Once your phone is paired over Bluetooth, you can set three presets in Beddi to either call an Uber taxi, toggle a Spotify playlist, control the temperature on your Nest or switch on a Philips Hue light.

Beddi Dock 01

Firstly, the dock houses your iOS or Android phone in landscape mode on top. The dock also serves as a charging hub for your devices with two USB ports. The system gives you morning traffic updates using Google Maps, FM radio, and even has a built-in white noise generator for a good night’s sleep.

The Kickstarter project has doubled its funding goal, and if you purchase the dock through Kickstarter, you’ll get it at just $75 a piece or at $115 for two. The actual price of the dock stands at $100, which is highly affordable considering what the dock has to offer. Beddi will begin shipping worldwide in June 2016. Have a look at the Beddi in the video below.

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