Retractable Screen For iPhone That Act As Shock Absorbers During Falls

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Retractable Screen For iPhone That Act As Shock Absorbers During Falls

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One universal flaw iPhone users all over have had trouble dealing with is the delicateness of their devices. No one is new to cracked or out an out shattered screens of these Apple devices. However, the company might have finally managed to find a solution for this.

In a patent called ‘Active screen protection for electronic device‘, Apple is looking at solving the problem of fragile iPhone screens. The idea is to attach a retractable tab to the screen. If the device senses a fall, the tab would deploy outwards creating a gap between the screen and the surface, reducing impact, and therefore, damage to the device.iPhone Retractable Screen

Modern iOS devices have various components that are equipped with drop sensing technology. Apple has shown interest in the past as well for active fall protection but the required patented hardware is yet to be incorporated in the company’s lineup. The patent for active screen protection was first filed in April 2014, under Tyson B. Manullang, Stephen B. Lynch and Emery A. Sanford as its inventors.iPhone Retractable Screen1

In the meantime, Apple has been busy working on touch oriented technology like 3D Touch. Consequently, the new iPhones -6s and 6s Plus – come equipped with specialized Corning glass which provides support for this feature, while at the same time providing protection against scratches and breakage.

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