Nokia Might Be Planning to Enter the Wearables Business

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Nokia Might Be Planning to Enter the Wearables Business

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The whole world is moving towards wearables. So, it’s only right for Nokia to get into the game as well. The company recently amended its Articles of Association to include consumer wearables. This happens to come around the time when rumours are afloat that Nokia is planning on a smartwatch or bracelet that focuses on health and well being.

You may have heard that Nokia was planning to launch a smartwatch last year that was codenamed ‘Moonraker’ that had many of the aesthetics of the modern Windows phone. However, the project was scrapped after Microsoft took over presumably because Microsoft had its own Band in the work.


Nokia Moonraker

Two years ago, Nokia had filed a patent for a smart wearable that looked more like a bracelet than a watch, with multiple screen for different functions. We are not sure whether Nokia plans to begin working on its past projects again or if it’s looking to work on something entirely different. But the change in the corporation papers shows signs that Nokia is ready to bring out its smartwatch or bracelet soon.

Nokia has a tough challenge ahead if it really is working on consumer wearables. Today, smart wearable is what is getting the tech world pumped, and traditional watchmaking brands like Fossil are also getting into the game. The competition is stiff and Nokia will have to come out with something unique if they want to stand a chance.

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