Google Targets College Audience As It launches a New Chat App

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Google Targets College Audience As It launches a New Chat App

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Google has launched a new app called “Who’s down”, which takes its hangouts concept to another level. Not a much higher level though, just a small step up. What we know so far about this app is that it is currently an invite-only app and is restricted to college students. It allows people who are interested in similar things to ‘group up’ and chat on the app.


The app does not require you to sign up with an academic email address, however, it does ask you which college you are from before joining the wait list. Google is clearly trying to expand into the social media sphere in small ways and yet trying to make a its mark. Targeting college students specifically seems to be quite a good business strategy since most of them, especially the freshers, are hooked to their smartphones all day.

Google App Who's Down

Design wise it is typically Google with its blue-white design scheme. Function wise, first you move the slider that indicates you are online or ‘down’ to meet people, then you type in an activity you would like to do or just select an option from the drop down list. Once you’ve voiced your intent, the app will wait for people to respond. The app will eventually notify you if a good number of people respond to your request. The chats that happen in this chat room will automatically get deleted after 24 hours.

This seems like quite an intrinsically thought out app for Google. However, chat rooms and chatting apps aren’t concepts that are so new that nobody else can make it. So, until then, let’s just hope that Google’s pretty interface keeps us hooked.

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